17 Things Your Dog Trainer is Judging

Barrie Segal has some tips that will help you get a lot of value out of the money you spend on dog training.  A well-trained dog is a thing of beauty, but without follow-though by you all that work and expense can be wasted.

And we can help with number 13, at least in your own yard!  🙂

Read Barrie’s article in the link below:

These are the Things Your Dog Trainer Is Silently Judging You For

“Dog trainers, however, really train people, not dogs. And how successful that dog training is depends on how dog owners comply — or don’t — with the program. Dog trainers must provide extensive training to owners so they can apply the lessons they learned in obedience classes to training their pets. But the owners have to follow through or it’s a total waste of money.

You might think you’re doing a great job of taking care of your canine — until you hire a dog trainer. Keep reading to discover what your dog trainer is secretly judging you for so you can measure up — and get the most you possibly can out of your sessions.”

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