Spring is Coming!

Springtime is coming, soon the days will be fair,

But my dog saw the yard, said “I’m not going there!”

I had to admit that my buddy was right;

The mess in the back was a horrible sight.

And not just an eyesore, a smell-pocalypse, too.

And, loving my pet, I knew what to do.

I got it all scooped, and scoop every week.

Dog and I now love our yard ‘cause it’s no longer bleak!

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To make the most of the nice weather that’s coming soon, be sure your Spring cleaning includes the dog’s yard!

Outside Magazine Says “It’s Time to Talk About Dog Poop”

Wes Siler, at Outside Online, this week writes :

“In the United States, pet dogs produce 21.2 billion pounds of poop each year. All that poop is polluting water sources, both in urban areas and the backcountry, largely because dog owners aren’t doing a good enough job picking it up.”

Read the article at:

It’s Time to Talk About Dog Poop

Pet waste has become a major pollutant, both outdoors and at home.

” A 2001 study conducted on Four Mile Run, a heavily polluted stream in northern Virginia, used DNA analysis to determine that 42 percent of the controllable bacteria load in the water came from dog poop. … And again, the scale of the problem is simply massive. That polluted stream in Virginia is just 9.4 miles long, but its watershed contains an estimated 11,400 dogs, which produce 5,000 pounds of poop every day.”



“Doo-Doo Guru” Marks 30 Years


“Doo-Doo Guru” marks 30 years

COLUMBUS, OH — He made a business out of picking it up for 10 years, and has spent another 20 years helping others do the same. The “it,” in this case, is dog poop. It was February of 1988 when Matthew (formerly Roy) Osborn first started his dog waste cleanup service. With almost no money, he was holding down two jobs to support a wife, a 3-year old daughter, and a baby on the way. Some people called him crazy. Danny Russell, an editor for Suburban News Papers, called him an “ideas man” and wrote, “He would be wasted on anyplace but the land of opportunity.”

At times he would encounter odd requests – yes, even odder than his usual business. Besides cleaning up after pet dogs in back yards and apartment complexes, he strayed into cleaning up after geese, cats, a horse, and even some monkeys. When an employee balked at a request to “take care of” a 55 gallon drum of dog waste and rainwater that a prospective customer had been accumulating for some years, Osborn took the job, saying “I wanted to be known as the service that would take care of this kind of problem. If they couldn’t call us to do it, who could they call?”

Over ten years he built the business from a mere idea into a successful enterprise serving hundreds of clients each week. He hired several employees to drive a fleet of pickup trucks around the county, cleaning up and disposing of literally tons of dog waste every month. People began hearing about it far from Ohio and Osborn was receiving calls from people across the country, asking him how to get into the business for themselves. To meet the demand for these requests, the self-styled “entremanure” began writing a how-to manual.

In 1998 Osborn sold the scooping service and self-published his book, “The Professional Pooper-Scooper: How to Start Your Own Low-Cost, High-Profit Dog Waste Removal Service.”

The complete startup guide.

A year after publishing his book he was dubbed “America’s Doo-Doo Guru” in the book “Nice Job! The Guide to Cool, Odd, Risky and Gruesome Ways to Make a Living,” (Lookout Media, Ten-Speed Press).

He gained attention from far and wide and was featured in an article on the front page of the Los Angeles Times,  which called his how-to manual for pooper scoopers, “the bible of the business.” There was even international coverage, including a telephone interview with the BBC in London, and a story in a German newspaper, as well as many newspapers and radio shows in the United States. In 2001 Scott Simon, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition, compared him (even if slightly tongue-in-cheek) to Thomas Edison and called him “… a visionary, a magnate… a prophet — at least he succeeded in turning a profit in the pet waste removal business.”

The pooper-scooper turned author reckons he has sold “a few thousand” books over the years and says, “It’s very gratifying when people tell me how their lives have changed because of what I do, like the woman who was living in her car and built a successful business because of this. Or another woman who told me that she had couldn’t find a job but was able to do this to provide for her family, and even buy a home and put her daughter through college. It feels really good to hear those stories.”

Osborn has provided free advice for many active and prospective dog waste removal technicians and for people getting into any other kind of small business over the years, and “Give a little” is among the principles he advises in his essay, 15 Perennial Profit Principles.   A few of the other entrepreneurial guidelines that he considers timeless are:  #2: Know your stuff; #3: Do what you say;  and #4: Underpromise and Overdeliver, because “It’s always better to be pleasantly surprised than to be disappointed.”

15 Perennial Profit Principles

I believe that there are certain basic principles of business that will continue to be of infinite value to all business people both now and into the future, just as they have been in the past.  – Matthew Osborn

How I Became a Professional Pooper-Scooper

As this “entremanure,” “ideas-man,”  or simply a person who has “always been interested in new and different ideas” says on page of his web site where he tells his story,    “As nice as it is to have some cash, and a deal worth nearly a quarter-million dollars, one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had is to complete a project that I knew could work while just about everybody around me laughed at the idea. They must have thought I was nuts back then!

“For me a great source of satisfaction is to create new realities out of ideas. To solve problems and make things happen.

“If you’re the kind of person who likes to make things happen rather than just take whatever comes along in life, I wish you all success.”

Matthew Osborn
E-mail Matthew@pooper-scooper.com

That Ain’t Lazy, That’s Smart!

A dog owner in New Jersey recently posted:

“Name the laziest thing you ever did!

When had a dog i paid a dog poop removal company to come pick the poop up in my backyard once every 2 weeks.”

His friends replied with these comments:

“Na that ain’t lazy”
“I need this 😂 my backyard is big ”
“That’s not lazy that’s smart lol I hate picking up dog poop 💩 😝 🤣
“I don’t even plan on picking up the poop in my back yard but then again i dont want rats and stuff so ima have to do something. I didnt even know a company like this existed”
“Maybe I should call them too”
“I wouldn’t call that lazy. That’s smart. Lol”
“you know I wasn’t walking around with a shovel picking up after Barry we weighed the same lol”

Over the decades the old “How lazy can you get?”  retort has been made lots of times when people first hear about businesses that will clean up dog poop.  But what’s really lazy is just leaving the mess in the yard!  Lazy… and unhealthy for the dog, the yard, the family, and the environment!

It’s true that not every dog owner needs a professional pooper-scooper service.  But for a lot of good people there are a lot of good reasons to welcome the availability of scooper services.

Many busy professionals work crazy long hours, have a lot of appointments and meetings, and have very little free time to do the things they want to, let alone the many chores that have to be done around the house.  For this type of dog owner, leaving the job of shoveling the crap in the back yard to someone who can be relied on to take care of the work properly, regularly, and in an environmentally responsible way takes a burden off the family. It’s one less thing to worry about, knowing that it will be taken care of.  And considering the time involved, for many of these professionals it actually costs less to have a service do this that the value of what they could be doing in their own line of work in that same amount of time!  For so many folks, they just have better things to do, things they’d rather do, that shoveling dog poop, cleaning up the tools, and keeping bags of feces stinking up the trash cans for a week at a time!

And of course, there are a great many dog lovers who for one reason or another the physical task of scooping, shoveling, walking the back yard, bagging, carrying the bags, is not just an inconvenience, but a real difficulty or even an impossibility. Among the gratifications of being a professional scooper is the wonderful feeling of knowing that with our help so many people can keep the needed companionship of their beloved animals when they would otherwise not be able to keep their pets because they can’t do this necessary part of responsible pet stewardship.

Certainly not least among the reasons pooper scooper services are popular is simply the “Yuck Factor.”  People LOVE dogs, and dogs in the family contribute so much to the people’s happiness, health, and personal development, but a lot of people just can’t stand this one disgusting part of taking care of their pets!  Fewer family fights over who has to get out there and clean up the mess contributes to a happier family life, too!

Responsible, caring, loving, busy and hard-working people love their pooper-scooper services!

Lazy people don’t bother to clean up the mess.

Spring Rush!

Lots of people enjoy Spring Break this time of year, and they get to take it easy for a week or so.  But POOPER-SCOOPERS have their busiest work weeks of the year about this time, what with snow melting and uncovering what’s been accumulating over the winter, and people starting to get out there to enjoy their yards again.  Go ahead, join the rush! Find a scooper you’ll love at www.pooper-scooper.com.

What Children Can Learn from Animals – Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

Arrowhead Scoopers, in Arizona,  writes:

“Children can learn a lot from having an animal in the home so today we give you 10 life lessons that will carry over well into the future:”

What Children Can Learn from Animals, Peoria, AZ — Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

10 Life Lessons Children Can Learn from Owning a Pet

Visit their website and read the article to learn more about how pets can help children learn a lot about responsibility, compassion, trust, patience, respect, and much more!

Arrowhead is a leading pet waste removal service in the West Phoenix area. Give them a call today at (602) 391-0160 to receive your free quote. Rates start at just $11.00 per week. Visit their website http://www.arrowheadscoopers.com to view customer reviews and more. “Happy Tails!”

“IT” Doesn’t Have to Happen.

Pet Waste Billboard
“When your pet goes on the lawn, remember your pet doesn’t just go on the lawn. Do your doodie and pick up pet waste! “

We can help you do your part to help keep our waters clean.

Find out more at http://www2.erie.gov/environment/index.php?q=if-you-don039t-stoop-scoop-it-happens

“Pet waste can carry harmful bacteria, parasites, or viruses. It can make people, especially children, very sick. It can also be dangerous to wildlife and other dogs. Rodents are very attracted to pet waste left in your yard. That is why it is important to pick up after your pet. When you leave pet waste on the ground, rain and snow melt runoff carry it to nearby storm drains where it reaches our lakes, rivers, and streams, often untreated. Once there, it can elevate bacteria levels and contaminate our waterbodies, causing our beaches to close. Decaying pet waste also consumes oxygen and may release ammonia. Low oxygen levels and high ammonia can damage the health of fish and other aquatic life. Similarly, nutrients in pet waste may increase algae and weed growth in our water, which consume oxygen as they decompose, further harming aquatic life. “