Spring is Coming!

Springtime is coming, soon the days will be fair,

But my dog saw the yard, said “I’m not going there!”

I had to admit that my buddy was right;

The mess in the back was a horrible sight.

And not just an eyesore, a smell-pocalypse, too.

And, loving my pet, I knew what to do.

I got it all scooped, and scoop every week.

Dog and I now love our yard ‘cause it’s no longer bleak!

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To make the most of the nice weather that’s coming soon, be sure your Spring cleaning includes the dog’s yard!

Spring Rush!

Lots of people enjoy Spring Break this time of year, and they get to take it easy for a week or so.  But POOPER-SCOOPERS have their busiest work weeks of the year about this time, what with snow melting and uncovering what’s been accumulating over the winter, and people starting to get out there to enjoy their yards again.  Go ahead, join the rush! Find a scooper you’ll love at www.pooper-scooper.com.