It’s Important for the Environment

“Dog waste contains extremely high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, and when added to the water, encourages rampant algae growth. This growth depletes oxygen levels in water, making it difficult for other aquatic organisms to survive.

“As dog waste decomposes, components can seep into the groundwater or run off into surface waters during rain events or snowmelt. The rivers and streams of the Wood River basin are fed almost entirely by rain and snow runoff, making our water systems particularly vulnerable. Therefore, every time dog waste is left on the trail, it adds to the pollution of our local waterways—the waterways that we depend on for drinking, irrigation and recreation.”

Hadley DeBree and Alisa McGowan, Environmental Resource Center, Ketchum

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Picking up dog waste is important for valley environment


The Pet Industry is Good for People, Too

“According to that study, pet owners visit their doctors less frequently. Additionally, dog owners who walk their pets at least five times a week have a lower incidence of obesity.

This measure of the benefits of dog ownership equals $250 per year of savings, on average…”

Mike Bober writes about the benefits to society in general that accrue in part to the responsible animal care promoted by the pet industy in this article in Pet Business magazine: