Spring is Coming!

Springtime is coming, soon the days will be fair,

But my dog saw the yard, said “I’m not going there!”

I had to admit that my buddy was right;

The mess in the back was a horrible sight.

And not just an eyesore, a smell-pocalypse, too.

And, loving my pet, I knew what to do.

I got it all scooped, and scoop every week.

Dog and I now love our yard ‘cause it’s no longer bleak!

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To make the most of the nice weather that’s coming soon, be sure your Spring cleaning includes the dog’s yard!

Dog Lovers Spend Whatever it Takes. Fortunately, Scooper Service Doesn’t Take Much!

Life is better with dogs, and people are increasingly spending big bucks on pets.  How much is too much?  For some dog-lovers, it seems that no amount is too great.

Steve Burgess explores the issue in this article at the Calgary Herald:

“We get people who want to euthanize their animals because of fleas. On the other hand I know a woman who took her cat down to UC Davis in California for a kidney transplant—it probably cost about $100,000.” –Dr. Adrian Walton of Dewdney Animal Hospital

Read more at:

Pets, Vets and Debts

Fortunately for us all, Pooper-Scooper service doesn’t present such a problem!

Scooper service is a terrific value!