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Author Topic: New Business, Just Started  (Read 2814 times)
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« on: February 24, 2017, 07:47:42 AM »

Hi all,

Like many other new start-up scoopers have said, I've gained a lot of insight and helpful tips from reading these forums. 

I randomly had the idea of this type of business in September 2016, and quickly found out that I wasn't the only one.  I honestly had no idea how many businesses existed for dog waste removal. Just goes to show that the market is still not fully aware of our service, so I still believe there is a lot of growth potential once more of the population discover that our services exist.

With that being said, let me get to the details of how I started.  I spent September 2016 to late November 2016 researching, reading, buying tools & supplies, designing a logo and slogan, creating a website (no previous experience, about 80 hours to finish it), setting up social media platforms, etc.

Long story short, we finally launched around Christmas 2016 and received our first 2 customers on December 30th. Fast forward less than 2 months later, we now have 16 regular customers (13 Weekly & 3 Bi-Weekly), and we've done about 20 One-Time Cleanups (in Illinois we've had weather into the 60's! It's been like early Spring this February).

What was our main marketing method to get 16 regulars and 20 One-Times so quickly? Google Adwords. I'm actually kind of shocked that I have not read anything on these forums about Google Adwords.  It has produced 13 of my regular customers and nearly ALL 20 of the One-Time Cleanups, 3 have been through Facebook. When you set-up a Google My Business, you receive a $100 credit after spending $25, so that alone should get you some customers. New websites take a long time before showing up on the first page of a web search, so you'll have virtually ZERO web presence if you don't use Adwords in the beginning stages of your business. So you'll be limited to social media platforms (not a bad thing either) and paper product marketing like business cards, postcards, flyers, etc.  We also passed out 500 quality looking postcards with front and back color, and received NO customers from them. Was about $100 for the postcards, and over 4 hours of my wife and I's time to distribute them. So like everyone says, it's not the best use of your time or money.

From the day we launched, I already had hired a part-time worker who was aware that the work would be limited in the beginning.  They handle the majority of the Weekly Cleanups (all done on the same day of the week right now), and my wife and I handle the Initial Clean-ups and One-Time Cleanups.  We've been in customer service jobs our entire lives, and want to be the ones for now to make that "great first impression".

I could keep rambling, but I'll stop here. Let me know if you have questions regarding anything I didn't cover.  Be happy to share what's worked for me, and always open to suggestions!


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« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2017, 07:02:02 PM »

Great job! Love the suggestion.

Google Adwords can get pricey...however, if you simply Google "how to create high-converting Google Adwords campaigns" or something similar, there are a lot of great resources that walk you through how to optimize your campaigns so you aren't throwing money away. I think that is the key. I don't mind spending money on advertising but if it isn't producing any results then there has got to be a better way.

So if you happen to be reading this at some time in the future and you're wondering how in the world do I make the most of Google Adwords while minimizing my cost, trust me you are not alone.

Jason Smith
PetCorps Professional Pet Care
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