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Pet Yard Pick-Up, Inc.
Metro area of the Twin Cities -- Phone: 612-788-8390
"We do doggy Doo-Doo so you don't have to!" We have been in the dog waste removal business in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area since 1989. We specialize in year-round weekly service and over the years have helped to save the lives of 5-6 dogs, by keeping the owners informed of changes in the waste. Good quality service and the health of dogs and their environment are very important to us. When poop is picked up on a routine basis, dogs tend to minimize the area of use, thereby returning more and more of the yard to their 2 legged friends. We have witnessed the transformation of many backyards over the years. You too can probably grow grass in your yard.

Weather conditions are extreme in MN and poop does not disappear under snow, it merely plays hide & be overwhelmed in the spring. Don't let your neighbors have time to complain. Weekly service is the best option. Seasonal weekly service is the next best option. Spring cleanings are available to you as a final option.

  • Pet Waste Professionals
    Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area
    Phone: 763-546-4900

    Pet Waste Professionals were set up to specialize in the safe, clean and environmentally conscious removal of dog waste from lawns and yards in the Twin Cities area.

    We operate a once, twice, or three times a week clean-up service to households in the Twin Cities, year-round. Our 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction ensures that our customers are always happy with our service.

    Our prices start from $13.95 for our once a week, one dog service - see our website for more details of our services and pricing.

    What Makes Us Different?
  • We completely remove waste from your premises and treat the lawn when appropriate (with pet, child, and eco-safe products).
  • We share your love for animals, are respectful and look forward to knowing them by name.

    Environmentally Aware
  • Our cleanup is handled with biodegradable bags and waste is taken to a designated landfill for decomposition.
  • Investments in sophisticated GPS routing systems help minimize driving, fuel consumption, and pollution.

  • Reliable & Professional
  • Our unique routing system provides timely, reliable, and accountable service.
  • Our staff is professionally uniformed and arrive in clearly marked vehicles.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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