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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Waste Removal Service

Is this for real!?
You bet it is! In recent years new dog waste removal services are being started up all over the place, and customers are signing up for them. Social, cultural and lifestyle trends are accelerating demand for personal services for busy professionals and executives, single parent households, and millions of people who simply have better things to do than scoop up after dogs.

How much do these services charge?
While prices vary according to geographic area, frequency and specifics of the services available, and the number of dogs, fees are often in the range of $10 to $15 a week.

What do they do with the poop?
Disposal methods vary according to customer preferences, as well as local regulations and available facilities. Most services bag up all the dog poop and take it away with them, while some services have an option to bag up the waste and leave it in the customer's trash can. Responsible scooping services dispose of the stuff at modern, EPA-regulated facilities. Some services go even futher and actually compost the waste matter.

How long does it take to clean a yard?
Some small yards or dog runs can be cleaned in just a few minutes. A first-time job or one-time cleanup in a yard that hasn't been cleaned for quite a while could take an hour or longer to get all that mess cleaned up. Services charge extra for those types of jobs.

What kind of tools do they use?
Most professional scoopers use a "lobby dust pan," and a lightweight rake, with techniques to avoid damage to lawns. For special circumstances other tools are useful, such as small shovels in winter time when piles are frozen. Scoopers often also carry sprayers filled with disinfectant in their vehicles so that they can clean tools and shoes after each job.

What do they do in the winter?
In most cases, they keep right on working. Depending on your local weather, there may be ocassions when snow may postpone some work, but dogs keep doing their thing all year long, and so do pooper scoopers.

Do they also clean apartment and condo grounds?
Absolutely! Most pooper-scooper work is in the yards of single-family homes, but many professional scoopers service common areas at multi-unit commercial accounts, and even provide services to municipal parks and dog parks.

Why would anyone pay to clean up after dogs?
Isn't it obvious?! But seriously, many busy dog-owners are delighted to pay someone to have this done for them! Lack of time, physical problems, and the "Repugnance Factor" mean many people are more than happy to pay someone to do this necessary chore. Some clients even tell us we are a "Godsend" and credit us with stopping family quarrels! Many dog owners need a way to dispose pet waste that is both legal and practical. Some cities' refuse departments prohibit the placement of animal waste in with residential refuse. Uncollected dog feces is a significant contributor to ground water pollution. Uncleaned back yards stink, they annoy the neighbors and attract flies that lay their eggs on the feces and then move on. Pets and people using dirty yards track poop into the house. Professional dog waste cleanup services provide simple, neat, and cost-effective solutions to all of these problems and more.

So is this really for real? Really, really?
Yep! This is a rapidly expanding niche in a super-rapidly expanding pet services industry. Some scooping service companies are cleaning more than 1,000 customers' yards every week. Really. Professional pooper-scoopers are thriving in cities across the USA, in Canada, and on other continents. Some cities are supporting 3 or 4 or even more competing dog waste removal services. For millions of dog-lovers who think of these animals as members of the family, and who need a little extra help to keep up with this most unpleasant but necessary chore , professional pooper-scooper services make life a little sweeter with simple, affordable, reliable solutions for pet-family problems.

Somebody has to do it, but it doesn't have to be you!

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