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9 Reasons to Start Your Own Dog Waste Removal Service NOW

BUSY DOG-OWNERS ARE DELIGHTED TO PAY YOU. Lack of time; physical difficulty; and the "Repugnance Factor" mean many people are more than happy to pay someone to do this necessary chore. Some clients even tell us we are a "godsend" and credit us with stopping family quarrels!

NEW, EXPANDING MARKET IS READY NOW! My business reached 700 clients each week and continues to grow. A Colorado service cleans more than 2,000 yards/week! Some cities are supporting two, three or even more services. Professional pooper-scoopers now operate in the USA, Canada, and Australia!

SCOOPERS MAKE EXCELLENT PROFITS. Fees range from about $8.50 to $15.00 per client per week. Professional scoopers can clean an average of 4 to 6 yards per hour. As your business grows, you can hire others, pay them a good wage, and net excellent profits for yourself.

RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Many dog owners need a way to dispose pet waste that is both legal and practical. Some refuse departments prohibit placement of animal waste in with residential refuse. Uncollected dog feces is a significant contributor to ground water pollution. Uncleaned back yards stink, they annoy the neighbors and attract flies that lay their eggs on the feces and then move on. Pets and people using dirty yards track poop into the house. You can provide simple, neat, and cost-effective solutions to all these problems and more.

FREE PUBLICITY AND INEXPENSIVE MARKETING: Successful marketing is a cumulative effect of various media and methods. My manual includes copies of my most successful marketing materials, including press releases that have resulted in many thousands of dollars worth of FREE publicity for my service. There are also samples of classified ads for your neighborhood weekly newspapers, designs for business cards, fliers, voice mail scripts, vehicle signs and more.

OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, WITH EXTREMELY LOW STARTUP COSTS: You can work from home as you grow your business. With a few simple tools, marketing, and the know-how and tips you'll learn from my book you can start your business on a shoestring and bootstrap your way to success. That's what I did. Others are doing it, and you can, too.

THE RIGHT TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES: Proper and efficient use of effective tools is key to high productivity and the prevention of repetitive stress injuries. Forget about those scissors-type "pooper-scoopers" sold in pet shops. I'll show you how to use a "lobby dust pan," a small shovel and plastic trash bags to quickly and cleanly scoop up dog waste. You'll learn about techniques that will enable you to be sure of finding all the waste in a yard without wasting precious time.

WORK YEAR 'ROUND. Even where's snow in the winter, dogs keep doing their thing all year. If somebody doesn't keep up with it, things would get awfully foul by Springtime.

COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS for APARTMENTS AND CONDOS Most of your work will probably be in the back yards of single-family homes, but you could have commercial accounts, too. Commercial accounts will each pay you hundreds of extra dollars each month. These jobs must be approached differently from the normal residential jobs. I'll tell you more about that in the manual!

Hey, it's FREE. No cost, no kidding.